Seller’s Checklist

Confirm the settlement date and time through your real estate agent and/or Creative Title. If any seller will not attend settlement, please contact Creative Title now to arrange for an approved power of attorney. General powers of attorney are usually insufficient.
Transfer utilities out of your name as of the settlement date, or other date agreed upon with the buyer. Be aware that utitlities cannot be turned off prior to the walk-through inspection.
Complete all home inspection items and repairs in accord with the sales contract. Bring all supporting receipts to settlement. Ensure appliances, heating air conditioning, electrical and plumbing systems are in normal working order.
Bring to settlement a government-issued photo identification, your forwarding address, social security number, garage door openers, and all remaining keys to the property.
Obtain wiring instructions from your bank and bring them to settlement if you prefer to have your proceeds wired. Seller’s funds will be distributed once we receive all the appropriate funds.
Arrange for alternative transfer of your funds well in advance of settlement if you require it. If you require your funds for an immediate home purchase, we suggest it would be more efficient for Creative Title Services to close your purchase.